System Analysis Design & Implementation Complete Notes

CCSU BCA602 SAD System Analysis Design and Implementation Notes Chaudhary Charan Singh CCS University Meerut BCA 6th Semester CCSU BCA602 System Analysis Design and Implementation SAD Unit Wise Syllabus and Free Notes Download Candidates Can Direct Download Chaudhary Charan Singh University CCSU System Analysis Design and Implementation Full Notes Download CCSU SAD System Analysis Design and Implementation Unit Wise Full Notes Download @

1st UNIT

Overview of System Analysis and Design: Systems Development Life Cycle View
Concept and Models: Requirements Determination, Logical Design, Physical Design, Test Planning View
Implementation, Planning and Performance Evaluation, Communication, Interviewing View
Presentation Skills; Group Dynamics; Risk and Feasibility Analysis; Group Based Approaches View
JAD, Structures Walkthroughs, and Design and Code Reviews View
Prototyping; Database Design Software Quality Metrics View
Application Categories Software Package Evaluation and Acquisition View

2nd UNIT

Information Requirement Analysis: Process Modeling with Physical Logical Data Flow Diagrams View
Data Modeling with Logical Entity Relationship Diagrams

3rd UNIT

System Design: Design of Input and Control, Design of Output and Control
File Design/Database Design, Process View
User Interface Design, Prototyping View
Software Constructors; Documentation View

4th UNIT

Application Development Methodologies and CASE Tools: Information Engineering Structured System Analysis and Design
Object Oriented Methodologies for Application Development Data Modeling, Process Modeling View
User Interface Design, and Prototyping View
Use of Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) Tools in the Analysis Design and Implementation of Information Systems View

5th UNIT

Design and Implementation on OO Platform: Object Oriented Analysis and Design through Object Modeling Technique View
Object Modeling View
Dynamic Modeling and Functional Object Oriented Design and Object Oriented Programming Systems for Implementation View
Object Oriented Data Bases View

6th UNIT

Managerial Issues in Software Projects: Introduction to Software Markets View
Planning of Software Projects View
Size and Cost Estimates; Project Scheduling View
Measurement of Software Quality and Productivity View
ISO and Capability Maturity Models for Organizational Growth. View

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