E-Commerce Unit Wise Complete Notes Download

CCSU BCA603 E-Commerce Notes Chaudhary Charan Singh CCS University Meerut BCA 6th Semester CCSU BCA603 E-Commerce Unit Wise Syllabus and Free Notes Download Candidates Can Direct Download Chaudhary Charan Singh University CCSU E-Commerce Full Notes Download CCSU E-Commerce Unit Wise Full Notes Download @ niiss.org

1st UNIT

Introduction to E-Commerce: The Scope of Electronic Commerce, Definition of Electronic Commerce, Electronic E-commerce and the Trade Cycle View
Electronic Markets, Electronic Data Interchange View
Internet Commerce, E-Commerce in Perspective View
Business Strategy in an Electronic Age: Supply Chains, Porter’s Value Chain Model, Inter Organizational Value Chains View
Competitive Strategy, Porter’s Model View
First Mover Advantage Sustainable Competitive Advantage, Competitive Advantage using E -Commerce View
Business Strategy, Introduction to Business Strategy, Strategic Implications of IT View
Technology, Business Environment, Business Capability, Exiting Business Strategy View
Strategy Formulation & Implementation Planning View
E-Commerce Implementation, E-Commerce Evaluation View

2nd UNIT

Business-to-Business Electronic Commerce: Characteristics of B2B EC, Models of B2B Ec View
Procurement Management Using the Buyer’s Internal Marketplace
Just in Time Delivery, Other B2B Models View
Auctions and Services from Traditional to Internet Based EDI
Intergration with Back-end Information System
The Role of Software Agents for B2B EC, Electronic marketing in B2B, Solutions of B2B EC, Managerial Issues View
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), EDI: The Nuts and Bolts, EDI & Business

3rd UNIT

Internet and Extranet : Automotive Network Exchange, The Largest Extranet, Architecture of the Internet, Intranet and Extranet
Intranet software, Applications of Intranets, Intranet Application Case Studies, Considerations in Intranet Deployment, The Extranets View
The structures of Extranets, Extranet products & services, Applications of Extranets, Business Models of Extranet Applications, Managerial Issues View
Security Schemes in Electronic payment systems View
Electronic Credit card system on the Internet, Electronic Fund transfer and Debit cards on the Internet View
Stored – value Cards and E- Cash, Electronic Check Systems View
Prospect of Electronic Payment Systems, Managerial Issues View

4th UNIT

Public Policy: From Legal Issues to Privacy : EC- Related Legal Incidents, Legal Incidents
Ethical & Other Public Policy Issues View
Protecting Privacy, Protecting Intellectual Property View
Free speech, Internet Indecency & Censorship View
Taxation & Encryption Policies View
Other Legal Issues: Contracts, Gambling & More, Consumer & Seller Protection In EC View

5th UNIT

Infrastructure For EC : It takes more than Technology, A Network Of Networks View
Internet Protocols View
Web- Based client/ Server View
Internet Security, selling on the web, Chatting on the Web View
Multimedia delivery, Analyzing Web Visits, Managerial Issues View
Managerial Issues View

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