Computer Architecture & Assembly Language Unit Wise Notes

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1st UNIT

Basic Computer Organization and Design View
Instructions and instruction codes, Timing and control/instruction cycle View
Register/ Types of register/ general purpose & special purpose registers/ index
registers, Register transfer and micro operations/ register transfer instructions
Memory and memory function View
Bus/ Data transfer instructions View
Arithmetic logic micro-operations/ shift microoperations View
Input/ Output and interrupts View
Memory reference instructions View
Memory interfacing memory/ Cache memory View

2nd UNIT

General Register Organization/ stacks organizations instruction formats View
Addressing Modes View
Data Transfer and Manipulation View
Program control reduced computer View
pipeline/ RISC/ CISC pipeline vector processing/ array processing View
Arithmetic Algorithms: Integer multiplication using shift and add View
Booth’s algorithm View
Integer Division View
Floating-Point Representations View

3rd UNIT

Addition, subtraction and multiplication algorithms View
divisor algorithms View
Floating point View
arithmetic operations View
decimal arithmetic operations View

4th UNIT

Peripheral devices, Input/output interface View
ALU Asynchronous Data transfer View
Mode of Transfer View
Priority Interrupts View
Direct Memory Address (DMA) View
Input/ Output Processor (IOP) View
Serial Communication View

5th UNIT

Evaluation of Microprocessor : Overview of Intel 8085 to Intel Pentium processors Basic microprocessors View
Architecture and Interface View
Internal Architecture View
External Architecture Memory and Input/ Output Interface View

6th UNIT

Assembly language, Assembler, Assembly level instructions View
Macro, use of macros in I/C instructions View
Program Loops View
Programming Arithmetic and Logic Subroutines View
Input-Output Programming View

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