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Chaudhary Charan Singh University CCSU BCA 5th Semester CCSU BCA503 Computer Network Syllabus and Notes Free Download Candidates Can Direct Download CCSU Meerut BCA Computer Network Full Notes

1st UNIT

Introduction to Data Communication and Components of Data Communication View
Distributed Processing View
Standards and Organizations View
Topology and Types View
Transmission Mode, and Categories of Networks View
OSI and TCP/IP Models: Layers and their functions, comparison of models. View
Digital Transmission: Interfaces and Modems: DTE-DCE Interface, Modems, Cable modems View

2nd UNIT

Introduction to Transmission Media, Guided and Unguided View
Attenuation, Distortion View
Noise, Throughput View
Propagation Speed and Time, Wavelength View
Shannon Capacity, Comparison of Media View

3rd UNIT

Introduction to Telephony, Multiplexing View
Error detection and correction: Many to one, One to many, WDM, TDM, FDM View
Circuit switching, packet switching and message switching View
Data link control protocols: Line discipline, flow control, error control View
Synchronous and Asynchronous Protocols View
Character and Bit Oriented Protocols View
Link Access Procedures View
Point to point controls: Transmission states, PPP layers, LCP, Authentication, NCP View
ISDN: Services, Historical outline, subscriber’s access, ISDN Layers and broadcast ISDN View

4th UNIT

Introduction to Network Devices Repeaters, bridges, gateways, routers View
The Network Layer, Design issues View
Routing algorithms, Congestion control Algorithms View
Quality of service, Internetworking View
Network-Layer in the internet View

5th UNIT

Transport and upper layers in OSI Model View
Transport Layer Functions View
Connection Management View
Functions of Session Layers View
Presentation Layer and Application Layer View

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