CCSU PPA Programming Principle & Algorithm Full Notes

Chaudhary Charan Singh University Meerut CCSU BCA 1st Semester CCSU BCA102 Programming Principle and Algorithm PPA C Programming Syllabus and Notes Free Download Candidates Can Direct Download Chaudhary Charan Singh University CCSU BCA PPA C Programming Full Notes Download

1st UNIT

Introduction to C Language History, Structures of C Programming, Function as Building Blocks View
Language Fundamentals Character Set View
C Tokens, Keywords View
Identifiers, Variables View
Constant, Data Types View
Comments View

2nd UNIT

Operators, Types of Operators View
Precedence and Associativity, Expression View
Statement and Types of Statements View
Build in Operators and Function Console Based I/O and Related Built in I/O Function: printf(), scanf(), getch(), getchar(), putchar() View
Concept of Header Files View
Preprocessor directives: #include, #define View

3rd UNIT

Control Structures View
Decision Making Structures: If, If-Else, Nested If-Else, Switch View
Loop Control Structures: While, Do-While, For, Nested for loop View
Other Statements: Break, Continue, goto, Exit View

4th UNIT

Introduction to Problem Solving Concept View
Problem Solving Techniques (Trail & Error, Brainstorming, Divide & Conquer) View
Steps in Problem Solving (Define Problem, Analyze Problem, Explore Solution) View
Algorithms and Flowcharts (Definitions, Symbols) View
Characteristics of an Algorithm Conditionals in Pseudo-Code View
Loops in Pseudo Code Time Complexity: Big-Oh Notation View
Efficiency Simple Examples: Algorithms and flowcharts (Real Life Examples) View

5th UNIT

Simple Arithmetic Problems Addition / Multiplication of Integers View
Determining if a Number is +ve / -ve / even / odd, Maximum of 2 Numbers, 3 Numbers View
Sum of First n Numbers, Given n Numbers, Integer Division View
Digit Reversing, Table Generation for n, ab, Factorial, Sine Series, Cosine Series, nCr View
Pascal Triangle, Prime Number, Factors of a Number View
Other Problems Such as Perfect Number, GCD Numbers etc (Write Algorithms & Draw Flowchart) View
Swapping View

6th UNIT

Introduction to Function View
Declaration and Definition View
Function Call, Types of Function View
Parameter Passing View
Call by Value and Call by Reference View
Scope of Variable, Storage Classes View
Recursion View

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