C Programming Unit Wise Notes Free Download

Chaudhary Charan Singh University Meerut CCSU BCA 2nd Semester CCSU BCA202 C Programming Unit Wise Syllabus and Free Notes Download Candidates Can Direct Download Chaudhary Charan Singh University CCSU BCA C Programming Full Notes Download @ niiss.org

1st UNIT

Arrays Definition, declaration and initialization of one dimensional array View
Accessing array elements; Displaying array elements View
Sorting arrays View
Arrays and function View
Two Dimensional array: Declaration and Initialization, Accessing and Displaying View
Memory representation of array [Row Major, Column Major] View
Multidimensional array View

2nd UNIT

Pointers Definition and declaration, Initialization View
Indirection operator View
address of operator View
Pointer Arithmetic View
Dynamic Memory Allocation View
Arrays and Pointers Function and Pointers View
Function and Pointers View

3rd UNIT

Strings Definition, declaration and initialization of strings View
Standard Library Function: strlen(), strcpy() View
strcat(), strcmp() View
Implementation without using standard library functions View

4th UNIT

Structures Definition and declaration, Variables Initialization View
Accessing fields and structure operations View
Nested Structures View
Union: Definition and Declaration View
Differentiate between Union and Structure View

5th UNIT

Introduction C Preprocessor, Definition of Preprocessor View
Macro substitution directives View
File inclusion directives View
Conditional Compilation View
Bitwise Operators: Shift Operators, Masks, Bit Field View

6th UNIT

File handling Definition of Files, Opening modes of files View
Standard Function: fopen(), fclose() View
feof(), fseek(), fewind() View
Using Text Files: fgetc(), fputc(), fscanf() View
Command Line Arguments View

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