Business Economics Unit Wise Complete Notes Download

CCSU BCA304 Business Economics Notes Chaudhary Charan Singh CCS University Meerut BCA 3rd Semester CCSU BCA304 CCSU Business Economics Unit Wise Syllabus and Notes Free Download Candidates Can Direct Download Chaudhary Charan Singh University CCSU Business Economics Notes Full Notes Download CCSU Business Economics Unit Wise Full Notes Download @

1st UNIT

The Scope and Method of Economics, the Economic Problem: Scarity & Choice, The Price Mechanism View
Demand & Supply Equilibrium: The Concept of Elasticity and it’s Applications View
The Production Process: output decisions View
Revenues Costs and Profit Maximisation View
Laws of returns & Returns to Scale: Economics and Diseconomies of scale View

2nd UNIT

Market Structure: Equilibrium of a firm and Price View
Output Determination under Perfect Competition Monopoly View
Monoplastic Competition & Oligopoly View

3rd UNIT

Macro Economic Concerns : Inflalation, Unemployment View
Circular Flow upto Four Sector Economy View
Government in the Macro Economy: Fiscal Policy, Monetary Policy View
Measuring national Income and Output View

4th UNIT

The World Economy – WTO View
Globalisation View
MNC’s, Outsourcing View
Foreign Capital in India, Trips View
Groups of Twenty (G-20) View
Issues of Dumping View
Export-Import Policy 2004-2009 View

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