Business Communication Unit Wise Free Notes

Chaudhary Charan Singh University Meerut CCSU BCA 1st Semester CCSU BCA106 Business Communication BC Unit Wise Notes Unit Wise Syllabus and Free Notes Download Candidates Can Direct Download Chaudhary Charan Singh University CCSU BC Business Communication Unit Wise Free Notes CCSU BCA BC Full Notes Download @

1st UNIT

Meaning and Definition of Communication View
Process – Functions of Communication View
Objectives – Importance of Communication View
Essentials of good communication – Communication barriers View
7C’s of Communication View

2nd UNIT

Types of Communication: Oral Communication: Meaning, nature and scope View
Principle of effective oral communication – Techniques of effective speech View
Media of oral communication (Face -to-face conversation – Teleconferences View
– Press Conference – Demonstration – Radio Recording – Dictaphone – Meetings – Rumour View
Demonstration and Dramatisation – Public address system View
Grapevine – Group Discussion – Oral report – Closed circuit TV View
The art of listening – Principles of good listening View

3rd UNIT

Written Communication Purpose of writing View
Clarity in Writing, Principle of Effective writing View
Writing Techniques View
Electronic Writing Process View

4th UNIT

Business Letters & Reports: Need and functions of business letters View
Planning & layout of business letter – Kinds of business letters View
Essentials of effective correspondence, Purpose View
Kind and Objective of Reports, Writing Reports View

5th UNIT

Drafting of business letters: Enquiries and replies View
Placing and fulfilling orders
Complaints and follow-up Sales letters View
Circular letters Application for employment and resume View

6th UNIT

Information Technology for Communication: Word Processor View
Telex – Facsimile(Fax) – E-mail – Voice mail – Internet View
Multimedia – Teleconferencing – Mobile Phone Conversation View
Video Conferencing – SMS – Telephone Answering Machine – Advantages and limitations of these types View

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