CCSU BCA Mathematics-I Unit Wise Free Notes

Chaudhary Charan Singh University Meerut CCSU BCA 1st Semester CCSU BCA101 Mathematics 1 Unit Wise Notes Unit Wise Syllabus and Free Notes Download Candidates Can Direct Download Chaudhary Charan Singh University CCSU Mathematics 1 Unit Wise Free Notes CCSU BCA Mathematics 1 Full Notes Download @

1st UNIT

DETERMINANTS: Definition, Minors, Cofactors View
Properties of Determinants MATRICES: Definition, Types of Matrices View
Addition, Subtraction of Matrices View
Scalar Multiplication and Multiplication of Matrices View
Adjoint, Inverse View
Cramers Rule View
Rank of Matrix Dependence of Vectors View
Eigen Vectors of a Matrix View
Caley-Hamilton Theorem (without proof) View

2nd UNIT

LIMITS & CONTINUITY: Limit at a Point, Properties of Limit View
Computation of Limits of Various Types of Functions View
Continuity at a Point View
Continuity Over an Interval View
Intermediate Value Theorem View
Type of Discontinuities View

3rd UNIT

DIFFERENTIATION: Derivative, Derivatives of Sum View
Differences, Product & Quotients, Chain Rule View
Derivatives of Composite Functions View
Logarithmic Differentiation View
Rolle’s Theorem, Mean Value Theorem View
Expansion of Functions (Maclaurin’s & Taylor’s) View
Indeterminate Forms, L’ Hospitals Rule View
Maxima & Minima View
Curve Tracing View
Successive Differentiation & Liebnitz Theorem View

4th UNIT

INTEGRATION: Integral as Limit of Sum View
Fundamental Theorem of Calculus( without proof.) View
Indefinite Integrals View
Methods of Integration Substitution, By Parts, Partial Fractions View
Reduction Formulae for Trigonometric Functions View
Gamma and Beta Functions(definition) View

5th UNIT

VECTOR ALGEBRA: Definition of a vector in 2 and 3 Dimensions View
Double and Triple Scalar and Vector Product and physical interpretation of area and volume
Double and Triple Scalar and Vector Product and physical interpretation of area and volume View

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